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Mohammed Kacimi was born in 1942, Meknes. A childhood educator in the 60s, Kacimi discovered painting when visiting Jacqueline Brodskis’ studio. He rose to prominence in the 70’s, soon becoming a leading figure in Morocco’s visual arts. His work is recognized in both Europe and the Arab countries. He is one of the few Moroccan painters to be represented by a Paris gallery; Florence Touber.

Kacimi was devoted a special issue by “La Revue noire”.

“Le Monde diplomatique” regularly published reproductions of his paintings on its front page. Kacimi’s passion for poetry led him to publish books of poetry. He also had a keen sense of commitment to human rights, which took center stage in his work. Kacimi’s men are polished, filed and sanded down; they are cleared from any superfluous. To fathom their mystery, the artist dispossesses them of any blistering, reducing them to their most elementary appearance.

Mohammed Kacimi passed away on October 27, 2003 in Rabat.


1987 1987 Banners in Harhoura: 7 painted banners of 2 x 3 m mounted on masts and planted in the rocky ledges facing the Atlantic Ocean
Workshop on Pietri square with the children: photos + film
Workshop in public space: in Essaouira with the children, in Marrakech with the children, in Asilah + painted walls
Workshops: painters, psychiatrists, patients at the psychiatric hospital of Berrechid
1988 7 Haïks of 7 x 2m painted across the city with the dyers of Marrakech.
1994 Workshop at the Children’s Hospital: setting up of a permanent group exhibition
1997 Painting debate workshop at the medical and psychological center with teenagers
1999 Grand prix du Maroc
1985 Painted a wall in Grenoble
1993 Banners in the city of Limoges (50)
“L’oracle” Performance in Bourges.


1965 Crystal Palace, Madrid
1967 International exhibition, Montreal
1974 1st Maghreb exhibition, Algiers, 1st Baghdad biennale
1979 6th exhibition in Kuwait
1980 Moroccan painters, Bonn
1980 Arab contemporary Art, Tunis modern art museum
1980 Moroccan contemporary painting, Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona
1981 Dix ans de peinture à l’atelier, Rabat
1981 La peinture marocaine, Bordeaux Municipal Library’s art gallery
1981 Yahia Gallery, Tunis
1985 Musée de Grenoble
1985 Musée des arts africains et océaniens, Paris.
1985 Basel international contemporary art fair.
1986 Arab contemporary art, London
1986 International exhibition, Bagdad
1986 Fine Arts Society
1986 “À la rencontre du dessin”, Galerie Nadar, Casablanca
1988 Musée des Beaux Arts, Ixelles, Brussels
1988 Musée provincial, Liège
1989 Galerie Etienne Dinet, Paris
1993 Painting of the Maghreb, Santiago de Compostela, Madrid, Barcelona
1995 Flying Carpets with A.F.A.A exhibited at the Paris AWI
1995 Peinture marocaine dans les collections Françaises: B.M.C.E Paris
1996 African artists and AIDS: Cotonou, Dakar, Abidjan
1997 Suites Africaines, Couvent des cordeliers, Paris
1997 International exhibition, “Méditations” organized by “Art for the world” at the Ibn Youssef medersa in Marrakech
1997 “Algérie, je n’oublierai jamais mes amis”, galerie Marquart Paris
1998 Skoto Gallery, New-York
1998 A tribute to “Marie Odile BRIOT”: Musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris
1998 Took part in an international exhibition on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Paris
2000 “Hommage à Adonis” at the Paris AWI and galerie de Lacroix, Tangier
2000 Tawassul exhibition. 4 peintres Espagnols et 4 peintres Marocains (4 Spanish painters and 4 Moroccan painters)
2000 Seville. Barcelona. Madrid. Grenada.
2002 “L’art acte d’appui”, Rabat


1965 1st exhibition, Conservatoire municipal, Meknes
1965 Maison de la pensée, Rabat.
1968 Galerie la découverte, Rabat
1975 Galerie Nadar, Casablanca
1975 Galerie l’Atelier, Rabat
1980 Galerie Nationale Bab Rouah, Rabat
1981 Deutsche bank A.G, Bonn (RFA)
1982 Galerie Nadar, Casablanca
1982 Office du tourisme, Marrakech
1985 Galerie Jean Claude David, Grenoble
1985 Centre Bonlieu, Annecy
1985 Painted a wall in Grenoble
1987 Galerie Alif Ba, Casablanca
1988 Musée de l’institut du monde arabe, Paris
1989 Galerie Etienne Dinet, Paris
1991 « Schéhérazade et la guerre » et lecture de poèmes avec l’union des écrivains marocains à la galerie Bab el kebir
1991 « Schéhérazade » ou la mémoire de Nour, Galerie Nadar, Casablanca
1993 La grotte des temps futurs : installation : bilan du cumulus des événements du 20ème siècle. Institut français, Rabat
1993 Horizon vertical, 50 Oriflammes dans les rues, Limoges, France
1993 L’esprit de la trace, C.I.E.S. Paris
1994 Atelier ouvert, Hôpital éphémère, Paris
1995 Du désert aux atlassides Galerie du bateau Lavoir, Grenoble
1995 Galerie Nationale Bab Rouah, Rabat
1996 Galerie du Bateau Lavoir, Grenoble
1996 Maison de la culture Bourges, France
1996 Maison de la culture Amiens, France
1996 Maison de la culture Nevers, France
1997 Galerie Al Manar, Casablanca
1997 Musée du cloitre, église Saint-Pierre. Résidence peuple et culture. Tulle
1998 Exhibition at Maison de la Culture du Japon in Paris for the rankings of architecture. One of the artworks was silkscreened and donated as a prize.
1998 Galerie Du bateau Lavoir Grenoble
1998 Galerie Al Manar
1999 Galerie Florence Touber, Paris
1999 Galerie Porte 2A, Bordeaux
2000 Espace Ecureuil. Marseille
2001 Workshop residency. Invited by the Malian Ministry of Culture
2001 RExhibition residency: Institut Français Saint-Louis. Senegal
2001 Retrospective exhibition: “Itinérance” at the national gallery Bab Rouah and the exhibition halls of Bab el Kebir and Mohammed El Fassi
2001 Novembre Galerie Florence Touber « les désertiques », Paris
2001 Octobre Galerie Riwak : Bahreïn
2003 Galerie Al Manar, Casablanca
2010 Tribute exhibition, Fondation CDG, Rabat
2013 Tribute exhibition “l’art comme geste extreme”, Musée Bank Al-Maghrib, Rabat
2014 Exhibition “Mohammed Kacimi l’Africain”, Galerie CMOOA, Casablanca
2017/2018 Exhibition “Un parfum de liberté”, CM Galerie, Marrakech


Musée Bank Al-Maghrib, Rabat
Musée Mathaf, Doha, Qatar
Musée Mohammed VI, Rabat
Ramzi Dalloul Museum, Beyrouth
Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington
Musée d’art Moderne de la ville de Paris
Fonds d’art Contemporain de la ville de Paris
Collection du Musée du Val de Marne
Collection de l’Institut du Monde arabe, Paris
Fondation O.N.A, Morocco
Ministère de la culture, Morocco
African Art Museum, Washington
Many private collections in Morocco and abroad


1988 Les haïks de Marrakech à Essaouira (in French) with French
1988 Poet James Sacré “éditions Tarabuste”
1990 L’été blanc : recueil de poèmes et dessins. Editions edifra. Paris (in French)
1993 Les vents ocres : recueil de poèmes et dessins (in Arabic) with Moroccan poet Hassan Nejmi
1996 Monographie KACIMI, éditions Revue Noire
1997 Le creux du corps: recueil de poèmes, dessins et gravures. Editions al Manar
1997 Meknès ville historique, authored by Kacimi; photographs by Christian Ramade
1998 L’ombre portée avec Alain Gorius, éditions al Manar
2010 Kacimi, Fondation CDG
2014 L’art comme geste extreme”, Musée Bank Al-Maghrib