Comptoir des mines galerie


Born in 1966, Fatiha Zemmouri graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Casablanca. Her work combines sculpture, painting and collage, and often works on polymorphic artworks, through which she conducts in-depth reflection on the concepts of construction, deconstruction, regeneration and transformation.

His use of raw materials such as charcoal, calcined wood, ceramics and porcelain reveals his keen interest in natural matter and phenomena (water, fire and earth). Through her works, Fatiha Zemmouri seeks to better understand natural processes by examining the transformation of material. By employing techniques such as combustion or laceration, the artist experiments with a variety of materials to give substance to meditative, poetic and often minimalist works that challenge us on the notions of gravity, physical existence or alchemy.

In all her creations, Fatiha uses an abstract vocabulary designed to better simplify the forms of nature. The fine and fragile materials she uses give her work a poetic character.

She has participated in numerous exhibitions and her artworks are presented in several major national and international collections.

She lives and works in Casablanca.


2019 "Apesanteur et la grâce" Installation as part of the exhibition "Material Insanity", MACAAL, Marrakech, Morocco
2018 "AKKAL" Carte blanche at CDG foundation, Rabat, Morocco
2018 "Materia Prima" curated by Paolo De Grandis, Stills of Peace 2018, Italy
2018 « Traversées, Crossings, عبور », Comptoir des Mines Galerie, Marrakech, Morocco
2017 « Art Paris ArtFair », Françoise Livinec Gallery, Paris, France
2017 « Içi et ailleurs », Françoise Livinec Gallery, Paris, France
2017 2nd edition of the drawing spring, Delaporte Gallery, Casablanca, Morocco
2017 « Moroccan women artists of modernity 1960-2016 », Museum Mohamed VI for Modern and Contemporary Art, Rabat, Morocco
2016 « A l’abri de rien », 6th Biennial of Marrakech, Morocco
2016 « Vibrations », Artspace Gallery, Dubaï, U.A.E.
2016 « Materia lumen », Dar el Kitab, Casablanca, Morocco
2016 Billboard Festival , Casablanca, Morocco
2016 « L’art au féminin, une création plurielle », Bank Almaghrib, Rabat, Morocco
2016 « Trames », Carte blanche Mehdi Qotbi Space CDG, Rabat, Morocco
2014 « L’oeuvre au blanc », 38 Gallery, Casablanca, Morocco
2014 L'Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, France
2013 « Blanche est la nuit », BCK Gallery, Marrakech, Morocco
2013 Delacroix Gallery, Tangier, Morocco
2012 « L’œuvre au noir », 38 Gallery, Casablanca, Morocco
2012 « Between Walls », Rabat, Morocco
2011 « Vivre la création », Expression space CDG, Rabat, Morocco
2011 The Gallery 38, Marrakech Art Fair, Marrakech, Morocco
2011 « Vivre la création », ab Gallery, Rabat, Morocco
2010 « Architextures », Nadar Gallery, Casablanca, Morocco
2010 Recent works, Rê Gallery, Marrakech, Morocco
2010 DAK'ART 2010 Biennial, Dakar, Senegal
2010 « Passerelles » Arcane Gallery, Rabat, Morocco
2009 « Convergence », Villa des Arts, Casablanca, Morocco
2009 « Design maghreb », Croix Baragnon Gallery, Toulouse, France
2009 « L’art pour l’environnement », Villa des arts, Rabat, Maroc
2009 « Connections II », Ré Gallery, Marrakech, Morocco
2008 Cyril Shirch Gallery, France
2008 « A la recherche de nos atlas secrets » Espace souffle, Casablanca, Morocco
2007 « Elémenterre », l'Institut Français de Casablanca, Morocco
2007 Nadar Gallery, Casablanca, Morocco
2006 Biennial of design, Saint Etienne, France
2005 « Salon des artistes », Casablanca, Morocco
1999 Bab el Kebir Gallery, Rabat, Morocco


2016 Cornett Saint Cyr, Paris, France
2016 CMOOA ( the Moroccan Company of Art Works and Items), Casablanca, Morocco
2016 « Marocaine des Arts », Casablanca, Morocco


2015 ZEMMOURI, Dir. Ali Boutaleb / Kristi Jones. Contribution : Sibyl Baltzer, Ali Benmakhlouf, Fernado Gomez de la Cuesta, Ilham Tahri. Editions Dar EL Kitab, 2015