Comptoir des mines galerie


Breathing new life into contemporary art


Comptoir des Mines Galerie is a new contemporary art center based in Marrakech, Morocco. It aspires to work alongside the best artists on the continent, helping them carry out their projects and giving them the greatest possible visibility. Comptoir des Mines is also an innovative art gallery whose short-term ambition is to partake in the largest international events. Rooted in its national territory, it is also the benchmark venue for the new arts scene it promotes.

Comptoir des Mines Galerie ensures the continuity of the previous projects initiated by
Hicham Daoudi as of 2008 in Rabat (Galerie CMOOA) and in 2011 in Casablanca (Galerie HD). Drawing on a wealth of experience recognized by various Moroccan and foreign institutions, Hicham Daoudi wishes today to get more involved in the dynamics of the emerging scenes on the continent. In resonance with various African actors, Comptoir des Mines Galerie thereby aims to be an alternative platform for promoting the best artists on the continent.


Art Holding Morocco is a reference partner for national and foreign art institutions that are keen to get to know Moroccan art better. Its activities include acquisition consulting, cultural management and project guidance. In 2011, Art Holding Morocco took part in the launch of the Bank Al Maghrib Museum in Rabat as the project leader of the museum and architectural consortium.

Between 2009 and 2012, Art Morocco Holding participated in the launch of Diptyk magazine and held two editions of Marrakech Art Fair, then the largest contemporary art fair on the continent.

With a document base of several thousand archives, the Holding is fully committed to the dissemination and preservation of Moroccan artistic heritage.


The building was erected in 1932 by the Comptoir des Mines Company, which was known for selling construction equipment and explosives for mining research. With its Art Deco architecture, the building extends over two adjoining double-storey buildings.

This venue, which is part of Marrakech’s historical heritage, is also known by architecture and art enthusiasts for having occasionally hosted the Marrakech Biennale’s parallel projects in 2014 and 2016.